Fully Automatic Humidification Plant for Textile Units :

We are a major system integrator for fully automatic humidification system in India. Following are the system configuration in a fully automatic system installed by us.


  • The right blend of Fresh air, Bye pass air and Return air is achieved by automatic regulation of multiple shutters to achieve the accurate resultant conditions in the given department.
  • The air washers spray and saturation of air is monitored and controlled by VFD installed in the spray pump. The command from the DDC controller automatically regulates the spray to achieve the desired relative humidity. This saves power on regular operation.
  • Automatic collection and disposal of waste from the return air system. This keeps the return air channel clean for uniform evacuation of air and reduces clogging of air washer. This reduces man power.
  • Provide run status report in Central Monitoring System and also facilitates data logging for retrieval at a later date.



Manually Operated Humidification Plant for Textile Units :

We manufacture stand alone manually operated simple humidification system suitable for all departments. The system works on evaporative cooling and has stationary manually clean filter for the return air.

The system based on the requirement of the department according to various seasons of the air is operated manually. The system is operated by unskilled laborers under the supervision of skilled supervisor.



Ventilation Plants :

We supply ventilation plant with or without evaporative cooling for different application.


  • Work area ventilation with evaporative cooling.
  • Pressurisation for engineering and other industries.
  • Fume extraction and kitchen ventilation.



Chillers: :

We can supply chillers for air conditioning system.